Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Christian's surgery is next Friday. I know exactly what the dr is doing, but I am nervous. We have lived with the hernia's for a year now and I know we need to get rid of them. I will keep praying that the surgery goes well.

Christian has been a little off lately so I don't know. Last night he just started screaming and wouldn't stop. Finally I said "If you are going to scream at me, you can go in your bed" Well that must have been what he wanted because he fell right asleep. It was as if he was trying to tell me he was tired but I was too busy making dinner to listen. And, oh my! This kid has horrible stinkies! He is worse than his dad. So if you are around him, beware that you might need some air freshener! :)

It seems like one week we have nothing going on and the next we have appointments every day. Everything and everyone blow up all at once! It is crazy!
Colton was officially suspended from school for 1/2 day, Caleb was kicked out of AWANA for a week, and ....... It's NUTS, it's their behavior! Maria has started hiding food and candy under her bed. I almost wonder if she has been doing it for awhile and I never noticed since we weren't cleaning under the beds. I really hope I can stay sane and continue to try to do the chart for responsibilities and stay consistent. I know that if I stay consistent then the boys won't (hopefully) continue with their disrespect and misbehavior.
What I don't understand though, is WHY they think it is okay now? I don't have outbursts all the time, or do I? Well, this is what we are working on. The kids have to earn everything.; play time, computer time, late bedtime, movie time, etc. We are in WEEK TWO of this and I really think it will work.

I want to get new bedding for my bed. I also would like to get curtains for the kids room. I asked the kids yesterday if they think they could handle it and they said yes. Now, I just have to figure out what kind of fabric would look good in their rooms. For the boys I can do all boy and for Maria and Christian's room I am going to need something gender nuteral. I am hoping that maybe we can make curtains for the kids room. I am not sure if I can make them, since my machine has been in the closet for almost five years, so hopefully my step mommy will help me. I guess I need to ask! Hoping that would cut the cost down. I have been looking on EBay for bedding for us, but cannot decide on any one. First I have to get Charlie to help paint my now purple room to a more....hmm.....beige color.....

that's all for now.....

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