Sunday, April 25, 2010

Christian's surgery

Christian had hernia repair surgery last Wednesday, April 21st. Everything went real well. The doctor said the hernia on the left was pretty big and there was a small one on the right side too. He didn't do anything with the umbilical though. He said that when he felt around it was even smaller than before and felt it wasn't necessary to do it right now. Worse case is he would have to have it done at 4 years if it starts getting big again.
Christian has healed up real well. He went to church with me Wednesday night and played with his friends. The hardest part for him was pulling himself up. He only required the tylenol with codeine 2 times. He is back at 100% now.

that's all for now....

Friday, April 16, 2010

Ears, Ears, and other things too

So today we shook things up a bit and Caleb actually had a doctor appointment. I know! Crazy, right? Caleb had an ear infection about a month ago but then a few days ago his symptoms reappeared. Wonderful! Caleb has already had two sets of tubes and his adnoids out when he was a baby. The doctor removed the last tube just a few months ago because it was not in place anymore. The right ear is doing great. It's that darn left ear that doesn't want to cooperate.

So off we go to see Dr Matt Brown. Not to my surprise, Caleb has fluid in his left ear. He prescribes him with 5 days of steriods to see if it will go down. We will recheck in three weeks. Dr asked about Caleb's sleeping, if he snores, etc. He said that kids should be nose breathers and not breathe through their mouths. Caleb sleeps on his back but his mouth is usually wide open while he is sleeping. Dr suggested that this could be his adnoids and that they have grown back. (Caleb had them removed when he was a baby but unlike tonsils they DO grow back) If the fluid is still there then he will want to do tubes and scrape out his adnoids again.

Then Dr looks at Christian in my lap and says "He sounds horrible" to which I reply that he always sounds like this. (we go to a different ENT for Christian) He asks me questions about Christian's breathing and if he always has his mouth open. To be honest, I replied that I haven't paid that much attention. (I didn't tell him anything about Christian's history or anything) He again said that this is a symptom, that kids should be nose breathers. He suggested that it is possible that Christian has enlarged adnoids. CRAZY HUH?! Maybe the breathing is something so very simple that we have been looking too deep. Is it possible?

So, next time we go to see Christian's ENT I am going to ask about this. We go back to the ENT in May. We were scheduled for this week, but since Christian still hasn't had his hernia surgery, I rescheduled his appointment to after the surgery. Since Caleb's appointment (an hour ago) I have been paying attention and the only time Christian closes his mouth is when he is sucking his thumb or eathing.

OH! Next week is going to be a busy week. Monday Christian has an orthopedic appointment in Iowa City. I am guessing that they will say everything is good. He is a little weaker on his right leg side but I am not sure if there is anything that can be done. Caleb will be traveling with us and miss school on Monday.
and then Christian's hernia repair surgery is NEXT WEDNESDAY the 21st at Mercy. Right now he is scheduled for outpatient at 9:00. We have to be there at 7:30am. We are praying that everything goes as planned with no complications. After anticipating this surgery for what seems like forever, it is almost here. Let's make it to the day this time. I am sure I will be a bundle of nerves on Wednesday.

that's all for now......