Friday, September 10, 2010

Big kids check up

This week we have had check ups for all of the big kids.  Colton and Maria had their well child check and everything is good.  Caleb has his 5 year well child check and his kindergarten shots.
Here is how they are growing up:

Colton is in the 70% for height and 75% for weight.
Maria is in the 60% for height and the 57% for weight.
Caleb is in the 75% for height and the 90% for weight.

Now this is only comparing them to other kids their ages, which really doesn't matter much to me.  It is interesting and good to see that they are steady on the growth charts.  They are all very porportioned and growing well.  I told the nurse that Colton is almost skin and bones so I don't understand how his weight is 75 compared to 70 for height.  This is why it doesn't matter much to me.  If they lost weight they would all look almost sickly. 

that's all for now...

Soccer - Colton

Colton had his first soccer game last night.  Colton is on the bigger fields this season and it did prove to be a little more interesting than the 1-2 fields which are smaller.  There are goalies now.  Charlie and I are learning some more rules and new calls that are being called this year.  It was fun to watch the kids work together to get to the goal.  Colton helped assist in a couple of goals.  He played 'forward' while he was in.  He had fun and was all wore out after the game.  We are very proud of him. 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

ENT appointment

First - please excuse my typo errors.  My 'OOOOO' key isn't working that great as the kids have popped it off and it won't go back on.  Anyways.....So today we went to the ENT for Christian's 4 month check on his ears and throat.  Initially we started going to the ENT because of his noisy breathing but the dr has always focused on the ears.  I wasn't really excited or anxious about the appt, just figured he'd say ears good and be done.  The doc checked Christian's ears, everything looks great.  He passed his hearing test and the pressure looks great, a lot better than last time.  Now we start talking and I tell him how spaghetti comes out Christian's nose.  Sometimes it is even the next morning after he has slept all night after dinner.  NOW...I know I have mentioned this to AT LEAST ONE DR already.  But apparently this is news to him or I am just catching him in a curious sort of mood.  So....we are going to have a swallow study done to see where this food is sitting and then coming out the nose 10-12 hours later.  The swallow study is scheduled for Oct 5th.  THEN....this is the part I like....we will go back to visit the dr 2 days after to discuss.  Christian's first swallow study was done back before he was on solids so anything could have changed.  Plus we never really got any answers at that time.  We were just told to give him lots of drinks to help him get his food down. 
So we will see.  I am optimistic but somewhat pessimistic too. 

Hoping for some results or answers....

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Soccer - Maria

The first soccer GAME of the season was tonight.  Maria did a great job!  She scored one goal and came VERY VERY close to scoring 2 more times but the other team caught up to her right before that final kick into the goal.  Overall, we are very proud of how hard she worked and focused on the game tonight.  It was a good night.

Thursday night is Colton's first game of the season.

that's all for now....

Saturday, September 4, 2010

It's late

It is 12:26 am LATE Fri night or earrrllllyyyy Saturday morning. Christian was just up screaming like crazy and wouldn't stop for nothing. I changed his diaper, got him a drink and rocked him to no avail. So finally I gave in and got out the tylenol. I am guessing either he has a tummy ache, can't breathe very well (from the stuffiness), his teeth, or all of the above. He has 5 teeth now. The 5th tooth popped early last week.
I am just making sure he will go back to sleep now before I go lie down and hopefully don't have to get back up again. oooppppp....he just made another sound....
I think I will try going back to bed now....

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fall is almost here

School is back in session now, soccer practice has started, and we are back to having a busy schedule. I don't think I will ever be good at this blog stuff. Seems that when I need to write about something I forget and then when it is time to blog I forget everything I need to talk about.
This week was the first full week for the kids. Colton is doing awesome. He is at a new school for 3-5 graders in Lakewood. The school just finished a big addition and remodel and even has that brand new smell to it. Christian and I got to go have lunch with Colton this week. The lunch room is very nice. Maria is doing well. She is in the 2nd grade at Oviatt and seems to like her teacher. One thing that she was very excited about is that her and her friend Skylinn are in the same class. Skylinn is one of the kids I watch after school. Caleb is having a harder time adjusting. He is in kindergarten this year. The school and Caleb are working very hard with Caleb and there seems to be a little inprovement every day.

About 3:45 today I got a phone call from the 319 area code. It looked familiar so I answered. Sure enough it was the auto system at the hospital telling me it is time to schedule Christian for a neuro-surg check up. I knew it was coming up; I just didn't want to think about it. See, we are one of the few that haven't had any shunt problems yet and I am scared that the next appt or the next sickness will be our time. I don't dwell on it too much but when something triggers my thoughts, that's when worry sets in. As long as I keep this sort of thing to the back of my mind I am alright.
I found a couple boxes today down in the basement of kids clothes. I picked out all of the 24 mo and 2T clothes for Christian since he is about ready for the 24mo size. As I was doing this I was looking at each piece and remember Caleb, and even Colton in some, wearing the shirt or whatever and walking around. My mind kept going to "Oh I remember Caleb running all over in that shirt". Some of the clothes I wish I would have found months ago because now they are too small for Christian but would have fit him great in June or July. LOL
Christian is getting more and more ornery. He is just tall enough that he can reach the top part of the desk and toss off everything within the first 2-3 inches. So we are quickly learning to move things BACK farther. Yesterday he got into the bottom drawer and found a piece of paper that had cut outs on it. He entertained himself for probably 10-15 mins just tearing the paper up. Granted, it was a little bit of a mess, but he had fun. Then later he did it again after I had picked it up.

that's all for now...