Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christian's 2 year pictures

....or rather 22 month pictures, (taken in October 2010) but close enough.  I got the first one because he is standing and basically charging the camera.  It's not the best smile but shows his attitude and spunk.    Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My baby is perfect

I have been neglecting my blog lately.  Not so much on purpose but due to the fact that I haven't had much to say.  I had a pretty special moment with Christian this morning though; and I want to share it. 
I was changing his diaper and he kept sticking his feet in my face so just playing with him I started tickling his feet; kissing and blowing.  I am pretty sure he can feel it although I guess we won't know how much until he starts talking to us.  What is so funny is that he just started giggling when I rubbed my finger from his heel to his toes. 
I think the bottom of his feet are tickle-ish.  The right foot more than the left, but none the less. 
I am just so amazed every single day by this little boy!  He is going to be 2 in a few short weeks and that makes me sad, but at the same time I am in awe of him.  He WALKS or toddles and it is so freakin cute!  He doesn't need bracing right now; but the doctors are keeping him on the "watch" list that he may need them in the future.
When we first got the diagnosis before he was born we were given the worst case senario and prepared.  2 years later, my baby is perfect.  Yes, he has issues with bowel and is in medication to relax his bladder.  He is about six months behind developmentally and doesn't say more than two words yet.  We have physical therapy and a teacher that comes to work with him.  He will talk when he is ready.

But take that doctors - he walks and it is so darn cute!  And he is tickle-ish on the bottom of his feet.

that's all for now...