Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Christian's ENT appointment

Christian, Caleb and I all went to the ENT this morning for Christian's follow up for his ears and noisy breathing. Christian has had a constant runny nose and cough. The right ear looks great and passed all of the tests. The left ear is a little unsure. The doctor did the pressure test, a hearing test and one other. Again, the right ear passed all and looks great. Christian's left ear is just iffy. The doctor said that we have two options. We can put tubes in and see if that will take away the fluid and build up or we can wait it out and see if it may get better on it's own. I asked what the risks are and if Christian could lose hearing in his left ear from waiting. The doctor said that while it may be hard for Christian to hear right now because of the fluid, that when the fluid goes down then he should be able to hear better.
I told the dr that Christian is already having surgery next week and he said that we should wait then and not put him through another surgery so soon. He did give me some information to tell the anesthesiologist on the granulation that was on his vocal cords a few months back so that the anesthesiologist can check that when he is intubating him. He even drew a picture!
So....we are still playing the wait and see game. Our next appointment is in April - hopefully it will be warmer out!

that's all for now....

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