Wednesday, September 8, 2010

ENT appointment

First - please excuse my typo errors.  My 'OOOOO' key isn't working that great as the kids have popped it off and it won't go back on.  Anyways.....So today we went to the ENT for Christian's 4 month check on his ears and throat.  Initially we started going to the ENT because of his noisy breathing but the dr has always focused on the ears.  I wasn't really excited or anxious about the appt, just figured he'd say ears good and be done.  The doc checked Christian's ears, everything looks great.  He passed his hearing test and the pressure looks great, a lot better than last time.  Now we start talking and I tell him how spaghetti comes out Christian's nose.  Sometimes it is even the next morning after he has slept all night after dinner.  NOW...I know I have mentioned this to AT LEAST ONE DR already.  But apparently this is news to him or I am just catching him in a curious sort of mood.  So....we are going to have a swallow study done to see where this food is sitting and then coming out the nose 10-12 hours later.  The swallow study is scheduled for Oct 5th.  THEN....this is the part I like....we will go back to visit the dr 2 days after to discuss.  Christian's first swallow study was done back before he was on solids so anything could have changed.  Plus we never really got any answers at that time.  We were just told to give him lots of drinks to help him get his food down. 
So we will see.  I am optimistic but somewhat pessimistic too. 

Hoping for some results or answers....

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  1. Good luck on that one..... this was a NIGHTMARE issue for me when my SB son was much younger.... if you ever want to talk about it let me know :)

    Basically we ended up with surgery, then 2+ years of INTENSIVE therapy and a liquid diet, and finally are at a place where he can eat MOST foods fine.... It was an hard time, but the good news is that there was a light at hte end of the tunel :)

    Best of luck to you! :)