Friday, May 21, 2010

May is a busy month...

May has been a busy month so far. The picture is from our first visit to the zoo after the kids early out the first week in May.
Charlie spent a week in Michigan for work. At first he thought he picked a week that wasn't very busy, but it turned out to be VERY busy instead. My week of being a "single" parent was pretty good. The kids worked very hard and helped me when I asked. We had therapy and doctor's appointments during the day, soccer two nights, AWANA, baseball practice and a music concert for my daughter. There was something every night of the week. But we made it, and I would like to think I did it without getting too overwhelmed and upset.

On Wednesday of this week Christian, the 1 year old, had an ENT appointment. I was pretty much disappointed with this appointment. We originally started going to the ENT for his "noisy breathing" but the doctor has made it about his ears. For the first time, the doctor is happy with how his ears look and test. When I asked about the adnoids (from previous blog) I felt that I was basically ignored, almost as if it was too easy or something. Now we don't go back for 4 months for a check up. So still we are nowhere closer on the noisy breathing! Very frustrating.

On Friday of that same week Caleb, my 5 year old, had an ENT appointment too. That's right 2 ENT appointments (with 2 different drs) in the same week. He has had chronic ear infections since he was a baby. Since the tube in the left ear (the right fell out a long time ago) came out a few months ago, his ear has been one infection after another. So the steroids didn't work. He is going to have to have a tube put back in. Dr Brown says he rarely does it, but will just do the one ear since the right ear has been fine. When I ask about the adnoids too he takes a look. His response was "He sure has some big tonsils! They could be problematic in the future" So our overall decision is to get it all done with one shot of anesthesia. Caleb will be having a tube put in his left ear, adnoids removed (again) and his tonsils removed. We have scheduled this all for after school is out so that I don't have to push recovery. His scheduled surgery day is June 15th. Dr Brown said the surgery will take 15-20 mins and we will be on our way. He makes it sound so simple. BUT...I know that the tonsils are a big deal and will have to stock my fridge with pudding, ice cream, popcicles, etc. It might be nice for a day or so when Caleb cannot scream at us. hmmm....

The kids are counting down to the last day of school. Our last day for school is June 8th. Of course Caleb being in preschool, he gets out a few days earlier. Then let the summer begin. I am looking forward to being outside and enjoying the summer with the kids. Hopefully we can have a lot of fun around all of our appointments. I am also hoping to be able to join the play group that I am in a couple of times this summer. I joined last year but have always had appointments and other committments when the group meets. I hope this year is different.

Colton's birthday is next Friday, the 28th. He is going to be 8! I sent his picture in for Birthday's on the 8 for KCCI. He is excited to see his picture on the news in the morning. Colton chose to have a pool party this Saturday (since his birthday is Memorial Day weekend) with some of his friends. This is after he has a double header in the morning for baseball. I hope they show up and it turns out well.

that's all for now....

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