Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday morning

This week there is only one service at church which isn't until 10:30. I am fortunate that my kids are all being good for right now!!! (knock on wood that it will continue) We got up early, all had baths and french toast for breakfast. The kids have all been playing nicely for about an hour.
Christian had his first bath sitting up this morning. He still cannot sit very well. He leaned forward against the chair which supported him. I think he liked the sitting position for his bath though as he could see a lot more this way.

Christian seems to be liking his solids although his system still isn't too sure about them. So far he has had baby cereal, greenbeans, carrots, peaches, pears, and bananas. He seems to like the pears the best and ate the whole cup the first time he had them. Being on almost straight formula and now adding solids is a big change. I am trying to figure out how to regulate him better with the miralax having changed the dose almost every three days because his output is almost like tar. He always was the opposite being on breastmilk and the miralax was working great with the dose we were on so this is a new hurdle for us.

Daddy has been out of town the past week and is going to be gone this next week too. He had school in Chicago and now this week is in Columbus, OH to put to work what he learned at school. It has been a really long week and I keep looking for things to do with the kids to pass our time. This week we made two paper chains. One counting down to Ria's adoption day and the other counting down to the first day of school for Caleb. Caleb is excited to be starting preschool. He seems to be a little aprehensive also about leaving me since he has been home with me exclusively since March.

Well, I better get moving so we can get out the door for church.
that's all for now...

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