Thursday, July 23, 2009

kids update....

Well, I am not doing very good at this blog thing. I thought that I would be more into it, but it seems that we get too busy with our day that I just don't get it done.

Christian had his six month check up on the 13th and got his routine shots that kids get. Dr Salow said he looks great and that we don't need to come back until his 9 month check up unless something comes up. We will still have specialist appts at UIHC the end of Sept and Oct but they are not all set up yet.
We have started solids and the first food that we are trying is green beans. Christian still doesn't seem to know what to do with it all, but it is fun watching him try to grab the spoon from me and put it in his mouth.

Colton and Ria had golf camp the beginning of July and really had a good time learning about how golf is played and getting to see some of their friends at the same time. Then the next week we had Fun Fest at church which is like vacation bible school. It was a great time and I believe that the kids learned a lot. Colton, Ria, Lily and Ricardo all seemed to enjoy themselves. It was fun that Ricardo could attend with us and such a good coincidence that he was down here during this week. We picked Lily up and took her each morning and she seemed to have fun with her friends. Caleb spent the majority of the time in the nursery with me because he couldn't sit still and focus on what the preschoolers were doing. His friend, Jessica, helped with him a lot, so that he could still participate in song time, snack and recreation. We are hoping to have Caleb on some meds to help him calm down by the time school starts.

We found a new park for us to go to which is really nice. The park on 4th and Vine in WDM is really nice and different for the kids to play at. It also has a wading pool and FREE lunches for the kids M-F so it is great! Yesterday was the first day that we went; the kids had lunch and then played in the wading pool for awhile. They had a good time!

Ria will be adopted here in August. The date that our attorney has scheduled is August 11th at 1:15 pm at the Polk County Courthouse. Grandma and Grandpas are invited to come witness as this is an important part of our lives and the day that Ria will be officially part of our family (both Davis and Sullivan). We want to do something to celebrate but have not worked out the details yet. For now we are thinking maybe just having an ice cream social. Something inexpensive but memoriable for Ria. If you have any ideas, please let me know.

That's all for now.....

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