Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year's Eve

We helped celebrate the New Year's at the science center's Noon Year with a balloon drop at noon on Friday.  The kids had a good time catching and popping lots of balloons.  It was a mad house with lots of kids and lots of noise makers.  The popping of all the balloons sounded like fireworks.

This year was the first year that we let the older kids attempt to stay up until midnight.  Thursday night when we were channel surfing we found Back to the Future and decided it would be safe to watch.  We watched the first one and then it was time for bed.  Colton liked it so much that he was insistent on watching all of them.  So we rented number II for Friday so that we could watch it commercial free.  

Charlie proposed that the kids could not make it until midnight and then it was on.  He was sure they wouldn't last past 10.  We had pigs in a blanket for dinner picnic style in the living room and snacks for dessert (chip snacks,  nothing too sugary).  Since we already watched part 1 we went ahead with our rental of part II.  When it was over the kids were still wide awake.  Part III didnt't come on until 10:00 so we had to wait a little while.  During this time the kids played around and watched Dick's Rockin New Year's Eve.  The kids got to see their movies.

I had them change it to watch the ball drop at 11 and tried to make them think it was midnight.  THEY DIDN'T BUY IT!  Maria and Colton both looked at the clock and said the little hand was on the 11.  After the ball drop, Caleb was out sleeping on the living room floor like a baby.  BUT Colton and Maria were going strong!  Here's the funny part.....

I was out about 11:15 or so.  Charlie had to insist that Colton and Maria go to bed about 12:10 because they still wanted to stay up.  even better.....

They were all up by 8am and it wasn't because Christian woke them up.  Needless to say we didn't get much done on the first because we were all pretty much zombies.

that's all for now....

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