Saturday, March 27, 2010

laundry, sick and appointments

This week has been a rather long week. Charlie has been very busy at work, working late hours and very stressed. Thus leaving me with the kids most nights which is normally fine and I am okay but this week I got sick. I got sick the day Charlie had to work late! What timing. Thankfully the kids behaved well we got through the day. I had the kids play downstairs after dinner so they wouldn't be contaminated by me and my stepmom brought them dinner because I couldn't have imagined trying to cook for them. I might have mustered up some PB&J but was afraid that I would vomit in the food.
Yesterday I was feeling a bit better and the house was an absolute disaster from the day before. Usually not doing laundry for a day is fine but when you don't do it for a couple days with 4 kids it gets a little out of control. My mom and aunt came over and did a load for me so at least Charlie has some clean clothes. I have to get on it today and get caught up or I will be forever behind.
So enough whining!!!! Yesterday I felt a little better but was still weak and not 100% but I did get the dr called to reschedule Christian's surgery. Finally! We connected instead of leaving messages. Christian's hernia repair surgery is scheduled for April 21st at Mercy. We see the pediatrician a week before for his 15 mo check up and do the history and physical the same day. We also have an ENT appointment and go to Iowa City for an ortho appointment all before the surgery. I pray that Christian will stay healthy so that the surgery can be a go this time.
The first few weeks of April will be busy. We have Easter, dr appointments for all of the kids at least once averaging 3 appointments per week for three weeks. Throw in going to St Paul for my cousin's baby shower (she's having twins and we are so excited for her) and we will be hoping! Oh, and my step sister is moving home from Aruba and she is 7 mo preggo too. That's a whole lot of babies that are going to be born this spring! very exciting!

that's all for now....

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