Sunday, October 4, 2009

Christian's Ortho visit

We went to see Dr Morcuende for Christian's orthopedic appointment last week, 9/30. Christian, Caleb and I left right after we took the kids to school. We spent more time trying to find a spot to park in the U of I parking ramp then with the dr. I guess this is a good thing, but after driving for 2 hours we were only there for less than a half of an hour; including walking to and from the office.
Dr Morcuende seemed to be waiting for us when we got there. It was really nice being that last time we waited for him for over two hours. He looked at Christian's legs, said they looked good.
I asked him about how Christian's left leg seems to turn outwards no matter what I do. The doctor showed me a couple of exercises to work with him and said that we will wait until Christian is starting to try to walk and move around more to assess if we need to do bracing. He is hoping that the leg will turn itself; I just don't think it will though. He did say that Christian will need high top shoes to support his ankle.
That's really about it. In came the doctor and about 6 other white coats all at once, and they were all gone within 5 minutes.
Caleb and I looked at eachother, and I said "lets go". He didn't even get to play with his toy that I brought him to play with or nothing. So we made our way to McDonald's in Cedar Falls before trecking back home again to pick my daycare boy up from school at 2:15. We made it with about 7-10 mins to spare!!!

that's all for now....

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